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A Minute with Marschall

Thank You For All You Do

March 2nd, 2020

Each year, our leaders are invited to help serve meals to our valued employees at the Employee Appreciation Breakfast/Dinner. I’ve had the privilege of participating in past years, and I would like to share some thoughts about this event.

First, I think it’s a simple, yet wonderful way to show our appreciation for the people who work tirelessly every day at Michigan Medicine. Kudos to the human resources, cafeteria, and facilities staff who transform the UH Café into a streamlined engine that serves thousands of people in an incredibly short amount of time. And to all those involved in coordinating and scheduling remote location meals at our other buildings and clinics. The behind-the-scenes work is tremendous each year, and we appreciate the very detailed planning that goes into each component of the meal, including everything from the aprons and the to-go boxes, to the logistics of traffic flow.

I also want to thank the leaders and managers who take the time each year to don the aprons and pick up the serving spoons. This event is successful because we have so many volunteers who understand that small gestures, like serving food, mean a lot to employees.

Most of all, I enjoy this event because I have a chance to talk with many people that I might not otherwise have a chance to meet. It is rewarding to offer a plate of food, share a smile and greeting, and feel like we have a shared goal and mission: to advance health to serve Michigan and the world. I hope to meet many more of our incredible employees at this year’s appreciation event on March 18. I value and appreciate all of your contributions to Michigan Medicine.

Do you want to recognize a team member for a job well done? Tell us about it using the comment box below.


  • Thank you to our newly restructured Creative Services team in the Department of Communication. Through this season of restructuring and relocation(s), they are being accommodating, flexible and showing us what champions for change really look like! All the while continuing to churn out powerful videos, engaging graphical images, and materials that help tell the stories and convey the strategic messages of our organization. Thanks to the whole team! (Nick Beardsley, John Dornoff, Joe Hallisy, Chris Hedly, Stephanie King, Hunter Mitchell, Bryan McCullough, David Murrell, Andrea Scafasci)

    • I’m looking forward to all the great things this newly formed Creative Services team will bring to the organization. Communications is key to our future success and your department, Rebecca, is a big part of that. Thanks to all of you for building a flexible and innovative team!

  • I would like to thank my manager Laurel Barnes (HITS Bus IT Learning Management). We’ve had a topsy turvey year with a departmental re-organization and technology challenges. In the midst of all of the change, she keeps us going with her thoughtful leadership and her genuine care and concern for the team. She always has our back!

    • Change can be hard for all of us but it is always made easier when leaders like Laurel support their teams through periods of adjustment. Thank you, Laurel and thanks to Charlene for sharing this comment.

  • I would like to thank my manager Rob Wonnacott (Nursing Service Information Manager) for all his support as a manager but mostly as a team member. He respects all the experience each team member brings to team and actively listens to our ideas.

    • Rob, kudos to you for the respectful way you treat your team. I always appreciate leaders who understand and demonstrate the importance of listening. Thank you, Sharon, for sharing this moment of appreciation.

  • Melissa Cunningham

    I’d love to thank Elizabeth Walker, Communication Specialist for Pathology, for her dedication. Elizabeth partnered with me and the Office of Patient Experience to co-curate a patient/caregiver art show, Journeys in Health Care. I love working with Elizabeth because she is generous, kind and she really knows her stuff!

  • Melissa Cunningham

    Such a great reminder – thanks so much for this post, Dr. Runge! We are also gearing up to celebrate the more than 1,000 volunteers who serve Michigan Medicine each year. Anyone can nominate a volunteer for this year’s Distinguished Service Award. The deadline is tomorrow and more info can be found here: Please consider nominating a special volunteer who serves in your area. It really means a lot to them!

    • Thanks, Melissa, for reminding us of all the great work our volunteers do for Michigan Medicine. We can never thank them enough!

  • Von Voigtlander Women's Hospital

    I would like to recognize Molly Gobeski for the awesome job she did helping coordinate for the Leap Year Babies here at Von Voigtlander Women’s Hospital. She spoke to, got consent forms signed by, and retrieved pictures from all 10 families on Saturday. She has been such a huge help to us lately and she’s probably going to get sick of hearing from me every time a project or a big day rolls around!

    Because of her work we have been able to reach almost 50,000 people from the Von Voigtlander Facebook page. You are an asset to our team.

    • Thank you Carey Lynn and the Women’s Hospital staff, for helping us kick off Recognition Month. Molly – great work on the Leap Year baby project and the fantastic Facebook page results!

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