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A Minute with Marschall

In Our Patients’ Words: You are Amazing!

March 22nd, 2022

I think we can all agree that health care work is hard, the hours are long and the average workday is fast-paced and ever changing. The global pandemic has re-affirmed this to the world, and because we have experienced this challenge together, we all know how important recognition can be – even if it is a quick thank you or a simple pat on the back.

We also share a common motivation. Whether we are nurses, technicians, physicians, supply chain workers, administrators, or hold any of the other varying roles within our organization, we all want to make a difference in people’s lives. When we work together, we are part of something greater than ourselves, and that leads to a special sense of accomplishment. 

Since we recognize our employees throughout this month, I would like to share messages received from our patients within the past few weeks. Although they are recognizing certain staff members specifically, the great care represented here doesn’t happen without tremendous efforts from every one of you, whether you work on the front line or behind the scenes. 

“Amy, I want to Thank You for understanding what our family was feeling and going thru as you cared not only for my sister, but for all of our family members present as we tried to prepare ourselves for the worse outcome. You have a Heart Of Gold, and I truly appreciate you for all that you did for my sister and our family. THANK YOU !!!”

– For Amy Jankowski, UH CVC 8C

“Andrea was an amazing pharmacist when my son had his injury. She ensured there was a clear plan for his sedation and handed off the midnight pharmacist to keep an eye on him since I couldn’t be there. Thank you for going above and beyond! I felt so good knowing you were there.”

– For Andrea Setiawan, UH Pharmacy services

“Brittany was very professional during our call. I was nervous about the appointment, but Brittany made me comfortable and was able to get everything taken care of quickly.  She followed up as she stated she would, which was really appreciated since she was able to get me an earlier appointment.  This experience turned my day around.”

– For Brittany Dod, MM Call Center surgery

“Chuck, you made such a difference to my son’s stay in the ER! Thank you so much for all your care, compassion and support. I appreciate you!”

– For Chuck Koslowski, Psych Emergency Services

“Carol was kind, patient and very helpful. I would switch to Michigan Medicine as my primary hospital if I lived closer. Michigan Medicine should be thankful for such a precious person.”

– For Carol Auman, Revenue Cycle

“You are outstanding. I have never met someone so aggressive at helping to get answers.” Thank you for all that you do to advocate for patients!”

– For Danielle Harris UH CVC 8A3

“Danielle and her nursing student, Allison, were outstanding during our stay. Thank you!”

– For Danielle McNally, UH CVC 8A3

“Dawn helped me with my account and got everything figured out. She was kind, patient and knowledgeable and Michigan Medicine is lucky to have her.”

– For Dawn LaVere, Revenue Cycle

“Thank you, Janet for your kind, professional and caring personality during my visit to your clinic. You handled everything very patiently with me and made me feel valued as a customer. I appreciate good people like you working at Michigan Medicine. You make a difference by being so nice to others. Thank you!”

– For Janet Rodriguez, South Main Ortho

“Two nights this week after long days visiting my mother in the hospital, Judy helped me with the frustration of trying to contact valet services to get my car. She made multiple phone calls trying to reach someone for me, and while it was late at night, with few people around she made me feel watched over and that she would stay involved until valet services arrived. Thank you so much Judy! You made a huge difference.”

– For Judith Armstrong, Entrance Services

“Keisha is outstanding. She looks at me, and I look at her, and she looks at me, and she knows what button to push to get me to walk!” 

– For Keisha Kidd, UH CVC 8A3, Surgery, Short Stay

“You made a patient happy on his Birthday by singing a song for him. I wanted to make sure I shared with you how he was surprised and delighted that day. Keep up the good work.”

– For Shaun Holder, Patient Food Services

“I would like to recognize Lela for her exemplary patient care skills.  I was referred to her for my chronic condition almost by chance.  She is very dedicated to her patients, values providing education, and has much positive energy. She has managed to give me hope for a condition that has gone unattended to by other providers for many years. Thank you for the care you provide, Lela.”

– For Lela Rasegan, PM&R Occupational Therapy Services

“I just got back from my primary doctor and she was so surprised by my movement, breathing and how focused I was at our appointment today. She said she has not seen me like this in years.  I just wanted to let you know and thank you for helping me feel better.”

– For Melissa Elafros, Neurology Department

I found these messages to be very inspirational. When you are inspired by one of your colleagues take a moment to recognize them. It’s easy with the Michigan Medicine Recognition Website. 

Thank you for your continued focus on our mission and your daily practice of our core values: teamwork, caring, inclusion, integrity and innovation. 

Do you want to recognize an individual or team during this recognition month? Share your inspiring story in the discussion box below. 


  • I would like to recognize Specimen Processing for enduring the long hours and increased workload. We have had several employees transfer to other departments leaving us critically understaffed. We know that the patient is our main priority so we do whatever is necessary to get the specimens processed like picking up extra hours, working extra benches and staying longer than usual. Lately it seems that those efforts are going unnoticed. A simple, “great job” or “thanks for helping out” is a very small thing to say to any coworker who is going above and beyond because we need to know that what we do matters. To Specimen Processing if no one tells you, I appreciate all that you do. Thank you for your tireless efforts. You guys rock!!!!!

    • Marschall Runge

      Thank you, Coretta, for your feedback. I truly appreciate the work you and your team, Specimen Processing, is doing – especially as you experience staff shortages. Many departments have been feeling this pain, and your frustrations are understandable. Even though COVID cases have declined considerably in the recent weeks, and it looks like we could be heading toward a sense of normalcy, we are still adjusting to the many consequences of the pandemic. Labor shortages are among these hardships. Please know that we are working hard to fill the gaps in staffing as quickly as we can. I also hope you and your teammates know that we do recognize the sacrifices you, and many others, have made to continue your hard work and for your dedication to our patients. What you, and all lab technicians do, matters. Thank you for making a difference.

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