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A Minute with Marschall

How Do You Remain Resilient?

August 14th, 2020

The following “Guest Post” was written by Mark E.P. Prince, M.D., FRCS(C), Chair, Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, with the support of Elly Samuels and Colleen Fraser.

Last month, we heard Michigan Medicine leadership discuss our financial situation, action plans for research and education ramping up, preparing for a possible resurgence and focusing on our well-being. The work and sacrifices we have all made to implement the Economic Recovery Plan have been critical; we still face unknowns including a possible resurgence and are not guaranteed future governmental funding.  

In order for our department to continue to weather the COVID storm, we must as individuals continue to commit to taking care of ourselves and our collective community- staff, faculty and trainees. There are many resources available to provide help if you need them.

Much about our current circumstance is not yet ideal—operations are messy, systems and processes may not always work, there aren’t answers to some key questions, and restrictions and new rules can be time-consuming and frustrating to manage. We all come to work, carrying the challenges that this pandemic has created for our personal and professional lives. We see how it is affecting our families, friends, community and country. It’s hard not to be frustrated. It’s difficult to adjust.

I ask that you take time, as I am, to find ways to try to be resilient.

Make plans and personal commitments to yourself as to how you will engage with civility and compassion in your interactions with each other, in even the most stressful of circumstances. Give others the benefit of the doubt; assume positive intent. This is not easy…for anyone. I have personally been thinking a lot about this and have found it important to reconnect with why I’m here and why I love working for U of M. I had to pause and really re-engage with that – it is my choice to be here, my privilege to be here and we’re all in this together. We help our patients, advance science, and work with each other toward these shared goals every single day!

If you’ve found ways that are personally effective in managing toward resilience and you’re willing to share, please share with the entire community by posting a comment on this blog.

Thank you all for everything you do for Michigan Medicine.

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  • Dr. Prince,
    Love the perspective here and I agree that in spite of all the angst and concern in the world around us, we have the privilege to be here everyday. For me, resilience comes with purpose and I am blessed to have purpose in my work (doing all I can to help caregivers provide care). Thank you for the message. You are inspiring (as always).

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