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Michigan Medicine

A Minute with Marschall

All Eyes Are On Us

June 1st, 2020

Our frontline workers, along with the entire Michigan Medicine support team, have demonstrated an extraordinary amount of resilience, tenacity and a strong sense of teamwork over the past few months.

As we look forward, our communities continue to look to us for answers as we begin to resume health care services that were deferred due to the pandemic. They will seek our guidance, based on our data and scientific facts, on how best to navigate the path forward.

This is the opportunity for our steady, thoughtful steps forward to lead our communities out of this crisis and back to the business of advancing health for Michigan and the world.  

We must serve as a role model on how to best move forward to a new normal. How can we do that? We look to our core values to guide us:

Caring:  We must take a measured, safety-first approach as we ramp up ambulatory services and surgeries. Patience with the process, with an eye to mutual respect and promoting the wellbeing of yourself and others, will go a long way as we transition to greater volumes. Our patients may also struggle with fears about exposing themselves to the potential COVID-19 transmission, so extra reassurance and empathy, along with demonstration of our safety measures, will help rebuild confidence.

Teamwork: Through this crisis, we pulled together to collaborate with new team members in new ways and achieved things we hadn’t thought possible before. Now that spirit of cross-collaboration must become our norm as we move forward. We must leave behind silo-based rationale to make room for integrative, supportive solutions that serve the entire organization.  

Integrity:  Our integrity has already shone brightly through this pandemic, as we chose time and time again to do the right things. Let’s continue to serve as role models, by adhering to all safety best practices and honoring social distancing. We can do this while still treating patients, families and each other with the highest respect and compassion.  Now is the time to lead by example as we move towards our future state.

Innovation: In many ways the transition to a new normal will be more challenging than the outbreak itself, as we face uncertainty and change. It requires us to tackle the unknown with a new perspective and a passion for continuous innovation.

All eyes are on us. Let’s show them our best.

How do you, or your colleagues, lead by example? Share your story with us in the discussion box below.